Home Chore


Our Home Chore program consists of 3 separate services, and clients may request one or all of them.

At different times of the year, when they are available, the Home Chore staff may also provide help with odd jobs such as installation of grab bars, clipping of bushes and garage organization, etc.

There is normally a wait list for this program.  For information on how to receive interim services see Home Chore Vendors below.

Lawn Mowing
  • Lawn mowing is provided once every 7-10 days and includes a single leaf removal in the fall.  Due to weather conditions, fall leaf removal may not be finished until the spring.
Snow Removal
  • Snow removal is provided within 1-2 working days when snowfall of 2 inches or more is experienced.  Snow removal includes spring clean up of plow debris.
Outside Window cleaning
  • Outside window cleaning is provided once each fall and spring.  If required, storm and screen windows can be removed/installed.
You can find an application for services by clicking on the book icon shown below.

Home Chore Program Vendors

Currently the Home Chore Program is at full capacity.  At this time the Commission on Aging has authorized the use of outside vendors to satisfy the demand for this program.  While waiting for an opening in this program, clients are allowed a certain number of snow removal and lawn mowing/leaf removal funds, until an opening in the program is available. 

The vendors must be those contracted by the Commission on Aging. 
Clients are charged fees based on their income levels, as shown on the scale below. 

To learn more about the Home Chore Vendor Program, please contact us at 231-922-4688.
Sliding Fee Scale
An annual assessment is conducted to monitor client needs. Charges for these services are determined using the sliding fee scale are based on the client's income.