Court Administrator's Office

Name Phone Email Job Duty
Teri Quinn


Court Administrator
Trina Girardin 231-922-4706 Deputy Court Administrator
Brooke Bearup 231-922-4703 Judicial Staff Attorney 
Jennifer Gurnoe 231-922-4782 Circuit Court Specialist
​Scheduling for Civil and Criminal Matters
​Circuit Court Collections (Leelanau County)
Stacy Osborne 231-922-4702 Circuit Court Specialist
​Referee Matters and Domestic Mediation
Ariana Spafford 231-922-4639 Circuit Court Specialist
​Circuit Court Collections (Grand Traverse County)
Kayla Wagner 231-922-4701 Circuit Court Specialist
​Circuit Court Collections (Antrim County)
Brandt Waldenmyer 231-922-4741 Circuit Court Specialist
​General Civil Mediation
Matthew N. Hagen 231-922-4701   Domestic Relations Referee
Stacey L. Truesdell 231-922-4701   Domestic Relations Referee
Karen Copeland 231-922-2773 Circuit Court Reporter
Jessica Jaynes 231-922-4576 Circuit Court Reporter