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Twin Lakes Park Reservation Request

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  2. Please enter as much information as possible in the form below. This is a request for reservation information, and availability only, and does not reserve a specific facility. This form must be submitted a minimum of 10 business days prior to your requested reservation date. We will need more advance notice if you plan on requesting approval to serve alcohol. You should receive a response from the Parks and Recreation Office staff within 3 business days of receiving this form.

  3. What Twin Lakes Park Facility are you interested in?*

  4. Would you like to schedule a tour of the facility?*

  5. Please note: all setup and clean up must take place within the rented timeframe.

  6. Frequency of Reservations*

  7. Are you requesting approval to serve alcohol for this event?*

  8. Would you like to have a fire during your reservation?*

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