Juvenile Delinquency


All petitions must first be filed with the Prosecuting Attorney's Office. Juveniles found by the court to be delinquent are placed on probation and supervised by a Juvenile Probation Officer. Out-of-home placement decisions are made based on a youth's prior record and current allegation before the court. 

The parents will be responsible for at least partial reimbursement of any designated placement, oversight fees, and attorney fees. All financial questions should be directed to the Collections Specialist, Holly Davison at 231-922-6871, of the Circuit Court-Family Division. Scheduling questions may be handled by Jody Barton at 231-922-4640 of the Circuit Court-Family Division.

Setting Aside Juvenile Adjudications

For a pamphlet on setting aside a juvenile adjudication, please see Preparing to Set-Aside a Juvenile Criminal Record (PDF).


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